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Executive Summary:

Love it or hate it, we know it’s captured your attention and toyed with your affections over the last year. Instrument Capital is not here to judge whether you’ve traded it correctly. Rather, we aim to provide an introductory primer to cryptocurrencies and blockchain that is both technical and practical. First, we will go through the algorithms and technologies underpinning of the blockchain that is being put to use as digital currencies, gaming tokens, tamper-proof ledgers, and even banking platforms free of the need for human verification and customer support. Next, we attempt to take a thoughtful approach on portfolio allocation, using the traits of blockchain to compare it to incumbent currencies, commodities, and e-payment platforms. Our last section is meant to serve as a springboard to get you involved as a buyer, consumer, developer, and/or investor in this fascinating new part of the internet. Our recommendation to you is to participate in the space but develop your individual view before doing so. The good news is regardless of your view and its severity, you’ll be in good company (see quotes at the left margin throughout the pdf download).

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